A Holiday Tradition

Tonight I headed up to Dunwoody to set up at the Marist School for the Holiday Show tomorrow. It's quite a show, vendors like you've never seen. And quite the assortment of items. I would not put this in the "Art Show" category. Although everything is supposed to be handmade, there are more craftier participants in this show. A topic to gently discuss at a later date. I participated last year, see here. And didn't do so hot (key word "craftier"). But not to be beaten, I signed on again, paid the $195 and got all set up tonight. And I am super excited to show you even though it's really late and I should be sleeping. But you see, after setting up I wandered over to the mall and shopped and ate a delicious large slice of cookie coated with icing and a large diet coke (Why diet? Seriously when eating that many calories with a cookie, one should consider just drinking real coke. It's not like the diet is going to off set the cookie calories.) Thus now I am wound up. And no one else in my little house is, not even Etsy. So you get my ramblings and some shots of the booth! Yeah! A view from the top...sorta.
I love my little vignettes. There is more room to view and walk in my booth this year.

Oooooo.....New product I've not shown you. Hardboard coasters. They come in sets of 4, and backed with cork. Love these and their little wrapping!

Another happy nook. More felted flowers on the lady of the hour.

Santa Mattie! One is even in a sleigh pulling a reindeer. Man are they cutey-patoooteys!

A blurry shot from a far. Gym lighting is stinky. So I've got great neighbors. And it should be a great day for quests. Come on out if you can! 9-3PM at Marist School on Ashford Dunwoody Road-Atlanta.


sperlygirl said...

i sent this to my mom and told her to come check it out, if she can! :) what a beautiful booth. best of luck with the show.

sherry ♥ lee said...

I wish I lived there -- I'd be there like a shot -- it all looks wonderful!! So strange...I found you (somehow)on etsy, then came to your blog...and today I was reading about you in Artful Blogging. I think the universe was telling me to get here!! :)

Anonymous said...
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Julie Weinstein said...

So nice to meet you today. I love your artwork and your booth was beautiful. Right up my alley! Could definitely get into the art/craft discussion with you. Congratulations on the magazine, I'll have to go look it up. Hope you did well. Julie

Michelle Stewart said...

hi jenne its michelle enjoyed meeting you, just wanted to warn you not to look at the blog we talked about if you havent already its a killer......

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