Mattie's Angel

This little angel sweetie would make the perfect topper to your tree this season! Crafted with much love, she has a paper clay structure, carefully painted, and sealed with gloss glaze. She's holding a little Mattie, which is sure to bring you much luck in the coming year. She is available at The Vintage-Flea in downtown Newnan.

We are silly busy getting ready for holiday guests tomorrow. I have 12 coming for lunch. I love hosting dinner in our home. We rarely ever do for some reason. It makes me clean like crazy and reset the house in ways I wouldn't normally do. It also will help get our entire family into the Christmas spirit! So I'll probably not be back here until next week. Gotta clean the art desk up so 6 guests can eat at it. Although glitter is probably not harmful, a sparkly turkey is not on the menu this year! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving Day!!


Cindy said...

I want this! Is it still available? Can it be shipped? Okay, I don't know if I can afford it. But I can totally see it in my life...

Cindy said...

I emailed Valerie about your angel. She is so cute.

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