Pictures from a Rainy Day

As I stated in the post prior to this, it has been raining now for over 24 hours. And while rain is a usually blessing to an area, this type of rain brings a mixed blessing because of the potential for flooding. So yesterday while driving in the rain and thinking about blog posts, I thought I'd snap a cool shot to show how life was around these parts right now. And I have a fun new phone. So here is one in color of Greenville Street. And then I turned the setting and started shooting these below. Yes, while driving in the rain. I had the phone propped on the steering wheel and just shot randomly. I was in AWE of these shots. They look spiritual.....I see spirits walking towards me in some of them. Perhaps I see this only because Valerie and I saw Paranormal Effects Saturday night, but my son was in the back seat saying, "Mom those pictures are scary, like ghosts are walking towards us." I really like them and plan to use the color combinations and compositions in some new texture paintings. I've never really been one to paint with a dark, warm palette. So it should be a nice door to open and explore.

These photos are totally untouched. No photoshop magic. Just a cool setting in my phone, a rainy dusk, and my eye for seeing something that I am sure most did not last night while driving down HWY 29.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Eerie, yes, but magical as well. Taking this into painting would be incredible...lots of depth and warmth in these colours.

Hope the rain ceases soon!

Lori said...

very cool.

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