I Love My Hands

As an artist reading this, you are probably laughing at the sight of someone actually taking a photo of their hands in this condition, or you may have even done it yourself. As I finished up a project the other night I looked down and found this rainbow of colors coating the fingers and palms of my hands. And I smiled. And thought what a wonderful job I have that being this dirty is really quite beautiful.I love my hands. They are the shape of my Grandmother Emily's. Having her hands reminds me to remain strong as a mother, wife and friend. An ugly scar on my right hand serves as a painful reminder that they are human hands, and should be cared for. They need nourishment, holding, and kissed occasionally. For they work hard everyday. Hands say a lot about a person, and as a lifeline to my personal artwork, they say more than my voice sometimes. So I love my hands, especially when covered with a rainbow of messiness.


Susie said...

I like the photo and that you know you have your grandmother's hands and what that means to you. I saw your blog featured in Artful Blogging and wanted to drop by. You have some beautiful things to look at.

Michelle Palmer said...

Love this post!!!
Excellent way to start my day~
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

CourtneyP said...

Love the truth in your post and picture. My hands are so beat up from the abuse of paints and glue and the endless washing. However they tell a story as yours do, and we should hold dear the words.

joyefulart said...

I also saw your blog in Artful Blogging and love your blog! I do sooo many things with my hands, including drawing them. Just thankful I have some that still work!

junelle said...

I found your blog as well from the new mag. I love it. You are such a gifted girl and your colorful hands are a wild testament to that! I have always wanted a pic of my messy hands, but who would take the pic? Too bad I don't have more arms?

I am a bird lover as well, I started with eggs last year...and nests before that. I am so glad to have found you, I think your blog is really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Cool photo. Just yesterday my 10 year old said "mom, your hand are looking old". Sheesh! I'm only 42. But then I looked at them, I mean really looked at them and I thought yeah they might look old and veiny but they bring so much to my family: comfort, good food, pats on the back, etc. Your hands are beautiful as they create beautiful works of art and how wonderful of you to notice that they looked like your grandmother's. What a great way to be reminded of someone special. Have a blessed day.

Cindy said...

Oh, I love this entry. I love your blog. I started on myself, finally!

now I must

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