Making of Ornaments

Do you ever have that block? The creative block that is? I needed to make ornaments for the Kitchmas Show at Naked Art in Birmingham, and I was totally stumped. They needed to be made inexpensive, be clever, maybe even made from recycled materials. So I walked around Hobby Lobby in search of "the" idea. And I had one....little glass votive, a dozen of them stacked in the cart ready to take home and add felted wraps from my stash of old sweaters. And then I found these little green paint brushes hanging up and had a voila moment! Here they are dipped in red paint, and hanging to dry. Then little paper wishes, "May You Have a Creative Christmas" were added along with red tiny bows and some holly. Oh, and a hand-made wire hook. Ooooo....super cute. And I think a perfect ornament for those creative types you have NO idea what to get for the annual ornament exchange.


Jess said...

Love this ;)

Dianne said...

What a great idea! I love this!

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