A Rainy Day Symphony

It's been raining here now for 24 straight hours. It's the kind of rain and wind that turns your umbrella inside out. You know what I mean? Yesterday while trying to get the kids into the dentist it pulled this trick on me.....and I am sure we gave the passerby cars a treat with our shenanigans to get it right side out. And in the meantime we all got soaked. It's raining now as I type. I can hear the drops as they trickle onto the gutters outside my window. It's a peaceful sound, almost melodic. The occasional car drives by and makes the whooshing sound under their wheels. Lily is snoring beside me, and the dryer is running. It's a symphony of sounds this morning. And it's calming. This piece is called, Raindrops. One morning while it was raining I noticed a beautiful pattern on the back van window. The rain was making these oval shapes with lines falling down from them. I quickly sketched it out and painted the above. Yesterday I noticed this again. Only the drops made more rounded shapes with lines falling down them. I loved the overlapping and overall composition it made right on my back window. This time however, they looked like balloons. And now I can't get the composition out of my head. So what's on my agenda today? Painting balloons. And on a rainy symphonic day, I think balloons are the perfect pick-me-up.


linda said...

I definitely know that kind of rain! I so hibernate in those times. Great to hear about your inspiration as well...it's wonderful how it can come from anything anywhere!

sherry ♥ lee said...

This is a lovely piece...and it makes me feel the rain. I do know the type of rain you're referring to and the days where the wind whips your umbrella into nothing -- proving that nature is always more powerful than we think!

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