What to do with a box of funeral cones 101.

I have several junkin' haunts. They are are part of my regular routine when creating. Go, find things needed, and some not so needed. If you are a creative junky you get this. My husband gets it now, it's taken 18 years, but he gets it. And my children LOVE it. Some finds are so super cool and used immediately. Some however, sit in the storage unit until the "aha!" moment comes. Take for instance this box of 100 funeral cone inserts that had to go home with me over a year ago. I love working with paper clay and these babies have that very texture and appeal. So there had to be something that my little creative brain could make with them...... Ellie came up with an idea yesterday all on her own. Hide-in-go-seek from Mommy.

So this is the idea. I have my last Holiday Market this weekend at St. Pius High School(See link on right side bar). And I needed some new items. These cones are super cute and would make a great gift for a teacher, friend, hostess gift, secretary gift or for yourself! Simply cut some greenery or grab some trimmings from the tree sellers and Voila! an instant door decoration.
Already has a tag for you too. I have a new stamp set and craft punch itching to be used.
My favorite idea for these cones is this below. Bake (or buy) a mini loaf of your best bread and slide it on in with a piece of tissue paper. As a teacher myself, I really love all the baked goodies that come to me from students. It fits perfect! AND what a great gift bag!

After this weekend I am hoping to get some serious paintings started. I've a fresh stack of canvases and wood waiting for me in the garage. So hopefully you'll get a peek of something other than Christmas crafts here on the blog very, very soon.


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