A Series of Events

Before I start this possibly long winded post, I wanted to remind you that I'll be showing THIS SATURDAY (tomorrow) at Dunwoody United Methodist Church as a part of their Holiday Show. It's from 9-4 on Mt. Vernon Rd. Right down from Perimeter Mall. So come on out. I'm in the Fellowship Hall. Which leads me to now. Sigh..... So where to start? Let's just say that a series of events has led me to a current state of heart racing uncertainty. Ever get that little twinge that something is not right, and yet you have no control over the events to come? Well, that's my day. I will say though that there have been signs all day reminding me to be happy, grateful, and thankful. My blessings are many. And as this day comes to an end, I'll be counting them carefully. A little retail therapy and a rather large double doozie cookie eased some of the angst and now I am ready to tackle a new adventure tonight....Girl Scouts. Our fearless leader has the flu, co-leader has a vomiting daughter, so I was roped, I mean politely asked to fill in tonight. Sigh again.......I Will Remember to be Happy (a motto I saw on a coaster at Barnes and Noble earlier today). So wish me luck, for the art show tomorrow, and perhaps say a little prayer for tonight. Which reminds me to bring up the whole "craft show" verses "art show" at some point soon. Seeing what I saw today while setting up is a giant reminder to bite my tongue and carry on.
These were the #1 seller last weekend. This week I sewed my little fingers away and made some amazing new colors! This little happy item is only $15.00! Have a wonderful weekend!

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