Art and Soul Las Vegas!!

OK. So I just couldn't wait to start sharing. And my computer is actually cooperating today, so here are the first 2 days of Art and Soul. We flew out Saturday morning from Atlanta and landed in Vegas around 2PM. A quick stop in the hotel room and off we went to check in with Glenny and get my vendor night area all set up. It was fun getting everything out on the table and seeing all the other AMAZING vendors. I spent some serious money that night. I'll have to get a picture of my necklace. You guys are going to all be so jealous! There were several other artist vendors set up, but also ladies selling vintage findings and such. Those table were a huge hit. I personally had an amazing night with sales. I've done a fair number of art shows, but selling to people who are artists and aspiring crafters is a real treat. I received great feed back on all my work. Hot item of the night, the ID bracelets....sold all 15. Sold a ton of bag tags, pendants, the bike painting, a few birds and a few buckles. What tickled me the most were the people that said, "Oh, I saw you in Somerset...." We found this crate and brass rope holder in a closet off the room we were in. Always repurposing that Valerie is! BTW she was such a trooper that night. She hung out all night with me even though to our bodies it was way past our bedtime!
After a great (we sorta I really needed my pillow) night's sleep, we woke at our usual Mommy 7am hour and got up and at 'em. We were in the Bally's Paris complex. So, Bally's is like not my first pick, but Paris....oooolala..... It was like strolling through a Disney Resort in the food and Casino area. I could seriously eat crepes for breakfast, lunch and dinner if given an opportunity. And literally, there is an Eiffel Tower coming through the building. Here's the outside of it:
We walked down the strip and came to a personal favorite, Mr. Peanut M&M. And adorable store where I picked up earrings and Mailey's new favorite PJ's. There was a lot to see and take in this first morning. And we made lots of plans to visit here and there.

My first class was with an artist I've admired for several years now, Lisa Kaus. The class was entitled "Color My World". In it we were going to be free with subject matter....the teaching was about experimenting with her special technique. And this was my favorite product of the day:

Water soluble pencils. Her technique is all about layering and texture. The boards were pre-primed for us with three coats- gotta get the hand out to remember what, but then she uses a series of Golden fluid acrylics and those yummy pencils above, some collage and then tops it all off with delicious smelling beeswax to create an illuminated canvas like this:

Yes, of course I did a camper. Now, I know it looks a little like something I already do, and was asked by Valerie upon seeing this, "What's different about it than what you normally do?" Well, for starters, the only material in the painting I'd ever used was the paper. In fact, all the paint I brought I was not allowed to use. You see, I LOVE my heavy body acrylic paints. They are gooey and opaque and are in my comfort zone. But the workshops I signed up for were all about NEW techniques for my art bucket, getting outside of my comfort zone. And although the subject matter is quite familiar to me (I mean why change everything about who I am as an artist?), every material in the painting was new. And I really, really, really enjoyed it.

That night we found out that the lovely Bill's across the street offered $1.oo margaritas. Yep, that was about the cheapest thing of the week. And Bill's became our "happy Hour" so to speak every evening. We strolled through Caesar's and ate yummy sushi this night and then called it quits. We quickly found out that casino time was really not our cup of tea, and that a good night's rest was much more valuable.
So tomorrow I'll come back and tell you the rest.....with pictures of my sculptures! Oh guys, I am in love with sculpting! Wait til you see.....


H said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I love your art and am so thrilled to see you smiling as you hold up your new work.


Contessa Kris said...

Ohhh goodness! Looks like you had a wonderful time! I'm a little jealous. Your camper painting is fabulous! I love fluid acrylics and the crayons are my new love (Caran d'ache, right?!)

Cant' wait for more of your trip!

Loriann Macko said...

I'm so jealous! You got to go to a Lisa Kaus workshop....your painting came out wonderful! I hope to take one of her workshops someday when she's back in the East...I love your artwork, by the way....yep, saw it in Artful Blogging!!

carlanda said...

i was in your lisa kaus class and on vendor night i was the one that bought 20 keys from you! i love your trailers!! i so want an old trailer to restore someday! thank you for sharing your art! xo

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