So The Snow Did Come

On my way home from Atlanta, around 2PM, the snow came. And came......see..... What a beautiful site for us southerners. The blanket of snow was amazing. Perfect for snow angel making, card board sledding (they don't exactly sell sleds down here so we make do), snow ball fights, and snowman building. It was Mailey's 8th Birthday sleepover party as well. And guess what? They all showed up, spent the night and had a little fun in the snow!
Don't worry, this was just a minute outside for photo ops in short sleeves. They quickly ran in, suited up and stayed outside for over an hour! They all came in soaking wet and cold. So we made tons of hot chocolate which they drank through swirly straws. How fun is that!

Oh these 8 year old tootsies. Love them....and the heart that belongs to them. Today we are snuggled in and I hope to finish up some smaller paintings to take to Vegas. Have a wonderful day!!

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PiecesofD said...

Cold toes and hot chocolate! The snow is beautiful and it looks like the girls had fun!

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