Circus Fun

Ok, so I just couldn't let an ENTIRE week go by without at least one little post. ;) Yesterday we attended the Ringling Brothers Circus. We as a family have attended the circus for the past 5 years straight. I remember the first time we went, Mailey was 3....and when the clowns came running out from behind stage she FREAKED out. Seriously, screamed bloody murder, climbed up and sat on my head, and yelled "I want to go home now!!" So it's five years later, and she couldn't wait to see the clowns. But first, I have to tell you the funny story of getting to the circus....... We were running late, it was one of those days yesterday. So we were not able to ride MARTA into town, we drove. It was 5PM. Now Atlanta is a city of commuters and cars. I seriously think that Atlanta folks have 2.5 cars per household. No one takes transit. But as a general rule, from the southside where we live we can usually get to the capitol in 30 minutes easy. The kids and I were toodling along when wham! Traffic came to a halt. I called Billy and said, "Something is going on, traffic is stopped." He replied, "Yeah, there are like 4 helicopters flying around the capitol and police cars." "Great, a bomb threat on Georgia's capitol. Seriously?" While talking to Billy though, my texting beeped and it was Valerie. And she asked, "Have you seen the Zebra? It escaped from the CIRCUS!" WHAT????? And sure enough, I turned on 740am and Lema, one of the circus Zebras, had escaped her compound outside of Phillips Arena. Evidently she wanted to take a walking tour of the city of Atlanta. On the 11PM news it was quite a site to see, her running down I-75 Southbound. She was caught, and they say only her hoofs suffered a little pavement damage. She is super lucky. As a human in Atlanta walking I fear becoming road kill.
So we got to the circus in time for the pre-reception where we filled our bellies with yummy mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, popcorn and of course, cotton candy. Then we headed out to the pre-show. If you ever attend the circus, I highly recommend getting there early enough for the this. The clowns are out mingling, they have real costumes to play in, and two rings set up where you can get really close to an act. I also knew that ASIA was going to be making an appearance. So I steered the kiddos to her ring.
And this is Asia. The artist. Oh my. The first time I saw her I was smitten. She literally has one finger on her trunk, did you know that? Which allows her to hold the brush and paint.

The gentleman on her right there is helping her gather paint. She smiled the entire time. And look at her back feet. How cute is that!! Her lovely abstract paintings are given away to a lucky person from a drawing. Man I'd love to be that winner!!
So today I woke to this adorable site, my own circus animals. Yes, they get along like this all the time. Hilarious really. I've a million errands to run and packing to do.....so I'll leave you for now. Check back next week for some super fun pics from Vegas!!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

PiecesofD said...

I saw the zebra on the news... she is very lucky to have been rounded up safely... OMG! When I saw the picture of your animals I laughed so hard... What a treat! Thanks so much and have a good time!

Cindy at LottieBird said...

What a great time you will have. The thought of having a get away with a friend a well as being creatively fed...well, that just seems ideal.

rachel awes said...

this circus looks like loads of fun!! AND, loove your paintings in the mid-feb. post below & congrat's on them selling...i do wonder,..how does an artist let their original art go? this realm is newer to me the last 2 years..i espec. love your camper!!!

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