Then and Now

This afternoon I felt like taking a walk down memory lane for some reason, in my blog that is. And within a first couple of posts I show my original studio. When making art was just a hobby and it was made in the garage. The garage that holds the lawn mowers, extra fridge and right now so much junk you can barely step foot inside it. See here what my original little inspirational half of the garage looked like. Now I have this room. And I love it. Oh I really do. One day I'd like to have an entire basement for the kids and I, but for now this room inspires me everyday. This is actually an older picture of the studio. I've managed to pack the room with more functioning furniture and lost the brown chair, but you still get the sunny idea!


linda said...

Beautiful space...even your old space was beautiful btw...wow! I have a desk...or half of a desk...hehe

Ludid said...

i can see what you enjoy it so much. so bright and welcoming.

Cindy said...

There is something about that kind of light that is energizing, isn't there? My Oma says we are both "solar powered." Maybe that is why I have no oomph today.

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