Listen to Your Heart

Have you ever noticed that when you listen to your heart to make a decision it makes your tummy do somersaults? Mine sure does. Lately I've been doing a lot of listening and decision making about life, family, finances, my business and relationships with friends. And boy you'd think there was a circus going on inside me! But seriously, when you make decisions based purely on what your head says is right, sometimes it's a little too black and white. When you listen to your heart to make a decision, it's a bit more painful. And almost always is a longer lasting decision. One that can potentially affect your path from that moment on. Because when you throw in a dash of passion with any decision making, someone always gets hurt....always. So, I guess I've been laying a new path this past week with my hearty decisions. And although I never meant to hurt anyone along the way, sometimes it just happens. And I guess this emotion is coming out in my work. As I sat back last night and studied the new paintings laying out in the studio, and my jewelry, I noticed a common thread. Words are everywhere. And I never put words in my artwork like this. Maybe a cute quote or a little word cut from an old book, but not like this. Large words are masked into the paintings......listen.....nurture....play.....embrace..... inspire... Maybe, just maybe my creative heart has a new voice that really wants to be heard.

Or maybe it's my way of saying something to myself that I wasn't really hearing until right now.


Anonymous said...

i do that all the time, i hide words in my work...only I am conscious of them...sometimes I cover them up again...so that no one else can see them, but I'll always know they were there!

I suppose that's just an artists' wacky way!

love your listen painting...it turned out wonderfully
keep painting...

see you soon

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

This is beautiful...hmm, I'm reading many people are feeling similar thoughts.
Listen, learn and do...what you LOVE.

PiecesofD said...

The painting is beautiful. Yes sometimes acting from our hearts will cause hurt... to others and to ourselves. Other times though... it brings great joy. We can only hope the joyful times out number the hurtful ones.

chinamommy said...

lovely....really lovely!

linda said...

Oh dear...I hope everything works out. It's not always easy, certain decisions, but you move forward nevertheless. Great paintings :P

Cindy said...

All of this emotion is making your artwork really heartfelt. Is that why the great artists feel everything so deeply?

You have me wondering if I will ever break the "code" of what you are saying and not saying. Hopefully, whatever it is, you will come out on the other side stronger and better.

Lori said...

Lovely post- this listen painting is one of my most favorite of yours. Beautiful work.

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