Trucking on a Journey

I've been wanting to add to my "wanderlust" series. And here it is: A truck AND a bike. An orange bike to be exact. Since it is my super fav color, I just had too. The words have been added in photoshop for a new card series I'm making. This is definitely a mixed media piece....a little map, a little paper, a little paint. It's on the small size too, 8x10" on gallery wrapped deep canvas. So, this weekend, take life a little slower and enjoy the journey.

So, wanderlust on your mind now? Did you know that is a real word? Vero over at Naked Art had wanted to use it in my solo show title and I was like "heck no!". I am a good little southern gal who does not talk about lust in public. Much less have it blaring in the title for my solo show. (I'm also a little sheltered I suppose since that word made me totally blush.) And then I looked it up, and there it was in Webster. It says, "strong or unconquerable longing for or impulse toward wandering." Yep. And since this little art journey of mine could be on the verge of wandering without an end in site, I am thinking that maybe wanderlust is the perfect word to sum it all up.


linwood avenue said...

love it. especially the banner ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni...I love the use of the map in your painting...it just adds depth, colour, and visual interest! well done!

ciao have a great day.

PiecesofD said...

Love this!

Cindy said...

I am experiencing wanderlust right now, too. And in my journal this AM I wrote that my intention for today is just to enjoy the moments and not think so much about where they are taking me. You must have written this just for me.

Lori said...

I love it Jenni!

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