Ooey Gooey Heaven

Last night Billy and I had a quiet evening to ourselves. Kiddos both had sleep overs. It is a very rare occasion that we have the house to ourselves. Now, we go out all the time just the two of us, especially during session, but the house, alone? It was creepy quiet. And we had no idea what to do with ourselves. It was pretty funny.

Around 8:30 this morning when I finally awoke from my beauty sleep, Billy was up and at 'em getting ready. And this was our little conversation with my eyes half opened: "Where are you going?" "To run a few errands. and then go get William." "Oooooo will you go to the grocery and get some cat food, turtle food and lunch stuff? Oh, and I'd really love a doughnut." (Doughnuts were a staple in my house growing up, but in this house they are like freakin' caviar. A delectable treat only to be consumed on very special occasions.) "Ok" he said and off he disappeared into the cold air. I figured I better crawl out of bed before he got back and decided the couch was as good a place as any to enjoy coffee and conversation with sweet Lily, plus I needed to catch up on few shows I'd taped during the week. After that chore was done I headed off to the art room where the piles of paintings were waiting for me to grace them with my presence. While painting the blue truck, Billy came home from errands, HUGE smile on his face, hands behind his back and said, "gotcha something" . I really love my man. One yummy dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts just for me. Some poor saps were selling them in the median on his way to the grocery. On a side note, I seriously think I would rather give my child $100 cold cash than stand in the median on HWY 154 selling doughnuts on a very cold, wet Saturday am. But, I am so grateful that these tasty items made it to my kitchen. 10 secs in the microwave and I was in gooey warm doughnut heaven. (I've now gone to heaven 5 times today btw. Crap. Gonna have to run 5 extra miles on Monday. And I hope to goodness Kathleen doesn't read this post!!)
But in all seriousness, despite the lazy TV watching, cuddling with Lily, watching Americas Next Top Model with Mailey (who I finally got at 3PM), I was able to get some paint on 3 of the larger textured pieces. So very tickled with the way they are progressing.

Next on the agenda, well there are 9 more textured boards waiting to be painted. Right now though, I am nursing a woozy doughnut tummy and am seriously thinking that a movie and fire are in order. Now that William and Mailey are home and asking for the craziest things, I feel like life is back to normal. For example, Mailey is asking to do laundry in the kitchen sink, like the old days. I have a funny feeling in my stomach that a flood is approaching my kitchen floor. (Or maybe it was the 5 trips to heaven?)


Lori Craig said...

OK - only in Georgia do you buy donuts from some sap in the median...I miss Georgia!

Anonymous said...

i want a donut too.....yum!

looks like you're busy pumping out the artwork...it's great to see, very inspiring.

I haven't done a painting in a while...on canvas, that is, and I just feel it welling up inside me...it might have had a little something to do with you!


carmelina ciao!

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