Being a Mamma Bird

Being a Mamma bird can be, well hard sometimes. You work hard to build the nest, then protect the eggs and of course nurture the babies. It's easy to isolate yourself while in the process of all these stages and try to do it all alone. Sometimes it's just plain easier to do it yourself than teach someone else you say. I know, I've been there. But as I was driving home from Birmingham today enjoying this amazing day, I had this thought process about the Mamma Bird. Before a bird can become a Mamma, she has to build a nest. She uses branches fallen from her nature friends, fur from the family pets, dryer lint from the laundry of the house she has decided to call her own, wrappers from the Popsicles the children have left unattended in the yard, and other trinkets left behind from the family. Without those things, her nest would not be as warm, as strong or as inviting.
After the show yesterday I was very thankful to have my family, friends and you there to support me throughout the day. For each of you play an important part in making my creative nest a success. And without even the smallest twig, it could come completely apart. I am not sure I verbalize enough how very much I appreciate all the support I receive during an art show weekend. From the physical support, to the emotional support, each plays a vital role.
So as I traveled the I-20 route back to my warm home, I enjoyed being so content in my heart and mind. I thought a lot about the future of my creative career and the dreams I have. But one breath at a time I will move forward. I will listen to what my heart says and always be mindful of what I need to nurture my family and myself at the same time. Upon my arrival home I was greeted by an exuberant Lily dog, warm embrace from my sweet husband and a "Welcome Home Mommy" poster and drawing of Mailey and I holding hands taped to the walls. Oh wow, with every breath I take my life becomes more and more complete and so very full.
And my nest, well it's very tightly woven together right now, with lots of Popsicle wrappers for added sweetness. xo Jenni

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Cindy at LottieBird said...

What a thoughtful and clear metaphor. I will tuck this one in my pocket to remind me.

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