Words and Art

Placing words on my art has always been something I wanted to try. And since I've been in an experimenting mood, here they go:
**note on the above, I took this photo at night with artificial light. I have found that natural light and no flash capture my art the best. If you take photos of your own art you should try this: find a spot in your yard where you get no shadows, maybe shaded. Stand over your art and take the photo from above. You can always crop later. When I do this I never have to do any light adjusting in photoshop. The above is really dull compared to the real image. darn.

These were also all made using black gesso as the base. I tried to leave outlines around everything with the black. It was hard to cover the black gesso, but I really like the outlines it leaves behind when you leave a gutter around the positive spaces.
I'm off to Alabama for a few days. It's Spring Break for the kiddos. We usually travel as a family during this week, but unfortunately the legislative session is running long this year, and Billy has to stay behind. Total bummer, but proud of what he's accomplished this session. With so many changes at the national level, the trickle affect for the states is taking it's toll on our state government. But he stands strong on what is right for the people he represents.


tammy said...

your camper painting is very stunning even with the poor lighting, can't wait to see it with it's true colors. i love the color palette you chose, the subtle purples on the yellow, gorgeous, and the giant flowers make it a very charming piece. awesome job on the other pieces too, i like the black outlines from the gesso, i've never tried that. have a fun filled trip.

Lori Saul said...

These are beautiful and the words add another dimension. Beautiful composition and I love that you work from your photos. I look forward to visiting your lovely blog again!

Ludid said...

the gesso certainly adds to the painting. i found that taking pictures in my yard has given the best pictures as well.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

I love the words. You always choose the right ones.

And thanks for the photo tips. I still need to take you up on that tutorial for photographing jewelry!

Happy Spring, Jenni!

Robin said...

Hi Jenni,

Looking through my Country Living for April I found this Airstream hotel in Arizona. I thought of your pictures right away and thought you might enjoy this if you haven't discovered it already. theshadydell.com. I always enjoy words on pictures, it helps me to understand what the artist was thinking while they were creating. Very nice.

Dianne said...

These are so delightful... and I love the sentiments.

Anonymous said...

These are great, I love the words and the outlines. Hope to see you soon. CL

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