My Heart is Really, Really Full

So our trip away was just what the three of us needed. I was totally unplugged and totally focused on my sweet children. It's amazing how good they really can be when they are given 100% of my true focus. Have you ever noticed this about your kiddos? Even just a few minutes makes them so happy and full filled inside. There was no real fancy entertaining at the lake, just simple laid back focus on being together. And being lazy. So here's a list of the favorite activities while at the lake. Keep in mind it was too cold to swim, but swimming will be added to the list when it gets warmer! 1. walks around the marina to the point by the vintage Pepsi sign
2. making clover flower necklaces and bracelets
3. finding heart rocks (and a heart leaf)
4. learning how to skip rocks
5. swinging in the hammock
6. eating outside on the huge picnic table that Pawpaw made
7. learning how to play Old Maid
8. coloring in old fashioned coloring books on the camp style bunk beds
9. fishing and not catching a thing, but loosing a bunch of bait!
10. watching the Sunset

The other amazing thing about our three days away was the quietness I felt inside my heart. The sense of calm that everything upon our return was going to be just fine. It's been such a stressful few months around our little home. And having a few days to refocus and dream about my future was really, really good. Sometimes I think we all need to do a little more dreaming about who we want to become. If you dream about it enough, sometimes it even comes true.
I also like to dream about their future. Right now they are so full of potential. Mailey is our little inventor, confident and always full of surprises. William is sensitive, nurturing and talented in sports and art. And little Fielding above, my sister's happy baby, is watching them both like a little sponge learning how to love and how to be loved by so many. So lucky are they to be surrounded by so much love and happiness.

So I will continue to dream for my children, and promise to take time to focus on their little hearts more. They complete me, and make my heart really, really full.

This picture is from our last morning. We took the time to walk alone, skip rocks and just listen to the world around us. I of course had out my camera and just clicked away. I tried to capture them in action, in their own. I love to watch and listen to how they interact together. William was trying to show her which rocks skip better, Mailey was more into just chucking big rocks back into the water. And I just watched and giggled at their amazing differences. And dreamed of their futures.

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