Spreading Love

I firmly believe that spreading love and kindness on your relationships lead to long lasting ones. And today, I'm spreading a little your way. I finished up the last of the new paintings today. Whew. It's been a very exciting time in the studio with my brushes. I drew most of them out last Tuesday so I could keep momentum going. But then along the way I got inspired to do one of these and one of those, and the next thing you know I now have 30 new paintings already packed in my car for the Wesleyan Show this weekend. Yep. I said 30. Now, many are ittle bitty for me. Like the top flower for instance, the image size is like 3" x 15". Lots are under $200.
And lots with hearts. I noticed this trend as I was photographing them all today.

This last one is a new favorite (It's about 12"x16"). The colors in person just "wham" ya. The bottom corner (which I cropped out by accident I see) says, "How to grow love". And the jars say, "Patience, trust, joy and kindness." I showed my husband and he said, "I like it, but you need a lot more than just those four things to grow love." Huh. Maybe he needs some hearts thrown his way? I have been a little absent this past week. Now that the paintings are done and I can CLEAN this place up I can throw hearts all over the place. For starters, I am going to throw a little magic into the pot of homemade spaghetti sauce on the stove. Nothing like hot garlic bread and homemade spaghetti sauce to make my family big puffy heart me again.;)


Rebecca Palm* Gallimaufry Photography* said...

I love these, especially the bicycle with the suitcases. Do you sell prints?

Jenni Horne said...

Yes I do. I'll be getting some into etsy very soon. Check for updates!

Ludid said...

the bikes are stunning. enjoy your italian dinner.

Dianne said...

So delightful... bottles, jars, bicycles, flowers and hearts...

The Vintage-Flea said...

The bicycle with the hearts trailing behind is my FAV!! I think you need to use my wicker tricycle as a model one time too.

rachel awes said...

i'm feeling the love
all the way
in minnesota!
my heart
is enchanted
with all these
love paintings!
i adore
the panties posting!!
it rocks the house
(& makes me giggle).

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