Cherishing the Cold

Hello there blog friends!  Mailey and I are back from our Girl Scout camping trip.  I have to tell you, I was SO looking forward to it, I know crazy right?  No computer, tv, music, paints, projects, cell phone coverage, husband, son, Lily, or friends.  Just Mailey and I, with 22 other Girl Scouts and leaders.  (18 girls, 6 adults)  We hiked Saturday for almost 2 hours soaking in the natural beauty around us.  And you know what?  Not ONE girl ever complained.  We just all walked and walked, and talked, and looked, and listened.  You know, we really listened.  We stopped at one point along the way and asked the girls to all be real still and quiet and listen to what you did not hear.  Then we asked what they did hear.  It was beautiful noise....rustling trees, our simple inhaling, birds, wind, stillness.  Saturday night once the sun went down we all hiked to a large open field, laid down and just star gazed.  Oh my, I totally lost myself in that night sky.  We have stars where we live, but there on that open field with no lights and no man made noises...it was spectacular.  Now I have to also add into the mix that it was cold.  Very cold in fact.  We Southerners wear flip flops until October and start back in February some years, so cold is something we really have to adapt our bodies to.  But the girls, they just bundled up and went on!  I personally love the cold and feel more alive and happier during the cold days. 

I am sharing this little sweet painting of a red bird mommy with her babies today because I truly feel like I have a cherished life. This weekend presented me with time to think about the future.  It was very refreshing.  It has been a rough month both emotionally and physically.  Letting go and holding on is so hard.  The constant pull of negative energy is something I fight and the free time this weekend allowed me time to seriously let go of the negative and let in so much positive energy in.  In fact upon my return last night, here's some good news already spilling into my life: 

I made a big step and put myself out there to teach on the national level....and got word upon my return last night that it's a thumbs up.  (more details when I know of course!)  My ear being cancer free was huge news.  And lastly, I had in the mail a VERY nice check from the Naked Art Gallery.   Yep.  The cold has come and set me on a new path with a clearer head and an open spirit. 


Antoinette said...

I love this little painting! I love your story too. My daughter who is 6, is a Brownie. We have not ventured to go camping yet. We will. I'm tentative about it, but your story inspires me. Sounds so wonderful. Thanks.

nacherluver said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Congrats on all your good news. Cute painting. ;0)

sonyamacdesigns said...

Cold N Tennessee ... I can't recall pullN on the socks this soon ... love the girl scouts!

Ugly Stepsister said...

i love girl scouts too! My dad was our leader, because none of the moms wanted to do it. He took us camping all the time. I do think that teaching kids to love nature, means they'll love and protect it as adults. Thanks.

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