It's That Time Again

Maybe it's the strangely warm temperatures in Georgia, or maybe it's my crazy busy artsy schedule, but I am freaking out a tinge that it's time to pull down the red Rubbermaids from the attic!  Our daughter Mailey was chomping at the bit to get down the carolers before Thanksgiving.  So we did.  And it was kind of fun to get them out so early to enjoy their silly little singing faces.  No sooner had the turkey filled our bellies was she bugging us to get out the tree.  So we did.  And then last night as a family we decorated the beautifully flocked tree.  We turned on the Christmas music loud and sang and ooooed and ahhhed over the ornaments.  Just like a sappy Hallmark commercial....seriously.   It was time to place the angel on the tree and I quickly ran to get Cherish, you know the new angel I made for our tree this year?  Well let me tell ya, my kids went crazy!  NO! Mom they said, we always use Grandmother's angel...and Mailey remembered it was her year to gently place it into position.  I have to admit I do love her shining face looking out over our Christmas tree.

The kids were just so....happy.....all Thanksgiving break.  I know, no school can do that for a kid.  But there's something else in the air at our house.  I can't quite pin it down, and neither can Billy.  But we like it.  And the joy especially Mailey has right now about decorating and Christmas, well I can only describe it as MAGICAL.  Because that's what it is.  And it's contagious, this magic she is spreading.
Speaking of like, here is the #1 ornament of conversation at our house.  And the family voted favorite.  The stories we have about this man, well it brings back many happy memories....... 
 My mother-in-law surprised me with this squealing cute ornament this year.  Am I a lucky gal or what?
Yep, we are all happy campers here at the Horne house.  I'm hoping you've had a moment to do a little decorating as well.  We are hosting the family Christmas this year in our little bungalow, so I'll be going ALL out with the decorating.  Just as soon as the show this weekend is over and my house is no longer a giant art studio. 

All smiles....sending your way some puffy hearts and hoping to hear about your favorite ornaments soon!

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