New Toys....I Mean Tools

I love a new hammer.  Can't have enough shiny pliers for every jewelry making job, and my new Dremel tool, well let's just say we have a relationship that's a little unorthodoxed.  But the newest toys...I mean tools, in the toy... I mean tool box, are amazing!!  This is my new punch tool for those copper blanks I love to use:

And finally I broke down and purchased a multi tasking texture hammer.  It has like 10 different texture blanks.  And yep, I've been hammering away this morning, trying each out.
I think my favorite though is the one above with the little square grid.  I love the way the darkening catches as much or as little of the squares as you want.  Ooooweeee...this is going to open up a new avenue for me. 
Oh, and should you feel the need to add these toys to your box, you can find them in the lovely Hodgpodgerie's etsy shop.

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Beth said...

Yea for tools!!!

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