Notes on Being Thankful

According to Webster thankful means:  
1:  concisous of benefit received 
2:  expressive of thanks 
3:  well pleased

Where to start reallyThere are many things to be thankful for in our lives.  I love the defnition #1:  concious benefit received.  So many of us are really not concious of the things in our lives we should be most thankful for.  There are obvious things like a home, food on the table, job etc.  But the talents, gifts and smalls benefits we receive on a daily basis are not always so easily recognized.  Or perhaps one feels ashamed to be thankful for a blessing of good fortune.  So here are some pictures of things I am most thankful to have in my life.  I am aware of the small things to be thankful for these days.  It's all those little things that add up to make a more fulfilling and whole life.  And what makes my heart so very full. 

  family:  Mailey and William are pictured, but there are many in my heart
 gift of creativity and teaching
  four legged children (who bring me such joy)

 this amazing man
 gift of words....and how I can use them to remind others

Like I said, these are just a few things I am most thankful for right now.  I hope on this day of Thanksgiving you've taken the time to look around and notice the obvious and not so obvious elements in your life that make life whole.   And make your heart so very full as well.  xo  J

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