Hello Monday

Hey guys!  It's Monday night and literally I am just getting my breath from the whirlwind weekend.  From the time I left my house Friday am to set up for Marit until now, I have felt a teensy bit like a chicken running around with her head cut off.  Which seriously, according to my Momma who has witnessed this action verb phrase first hand, is NOT a pretty sight.

But here is some good news (you know how a glass half full girl I am).....Marist was a great success.  Those holiday shows can be so hit or miss.  And miss with some stuff I made I did, however this little bauble did not disappoint:
The "Statement Necklace" as I have so lovingly coined it was a huge hit and huge seller.  In fact, I gotta get to beading.  See ya!  No really, it was a great seller.  I'll hopefully get my photos uploaded and shared with you later this week. 

Right now however, I feel led to share some other type of news with you.  I guess about a month ago I noticed a bump in the cartilage flat part of my right ear.  I thought it was a pimple.  Ewww.  Right?  Even asked some peeps about it.  But then it started to change, grow and seriously hurt.  So Thursday I was able to squeeze a trip to the dermo amidst all my frenzy for Marist.  And I'll be darned if he didn't take snapshots, stick a needle in it and take a slicing.  Yep.  OUCH.  I had joked with my kids earlier in the car that I may get to play Van Gogh for Halloween this year.  Ok.  So maybe that's not as funny as it had previously sounded.  And it is quite honestly consuming my thoughts.  If it is skin cancer, how will they get to it without leaving a giant hole in my ear?  And then, right now this hurts (I always tell people I do know pain, I HAD natural childbirth folks), what will the real removal feel like?  The little "ewww gross Mom" that it is getting from my kids now.....what will it be like when and if the core of it gets removed?  So many questions, so much to swirl in my head.
So I found this portrait tonight.  Which ironically enough he cut off his right ear, the one in question on my body.  And I KNOW skin cancer won't kill me, but seriously why now?  I've got bigger issues on my plate, one involving another family member with real cancer.  So I just have to go along with my life's mantra that nothing happens by circumstance, that there is a greater purpose and reason for this.  And it's not that I need to wear sunscreen.  Duh.  I do. But maybe it's to stop....look.....and listen to more that is around me.  More than being an artist, mother and wife.  Just more.  You know?  More.  So tomorrow we are out of school for the election (hehehe) and the kiddos and I are hitting the sky.  Literally.  Sky hike at Stone Mountain Park that is.  I am going unplugged for the day.....so I suppose I'll see you guys back here on Wednesday with a much happier post.  I pinky promise!


Isabel said...

Hugs and good vibes are headed your way:O) Love your positive attitude, I had 2months of waiting to see if the lump i found was cancer in my breast and then more tests followed bc of enlarged uterus waiting is awful but we must live every moment:O)stop and smell the roses:O) have an awesome hike

artteachergirl said...

Sending prayers for all to be well. The unknown is the scariest of all.
Your work is beautiful!
Keep good thoughts and enjoy your hike and fun day! Best, Vicki

Micah Holden said...

ugh, waiting is alway the worst! I'll say a prayer for you...miss Van Gogh.
happy day...evening :)

sydney @ memorable minutes said...

I hope you have a great day with your kids and don't get too wet. Waiting is no fun! I am so glad there is no school today. So much work to do!

leslie said...

prayers and hugs...and no rain!

Marcus Easley said...

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