Little Jars of Happiness

It's hard to believe that someone would donate these beautiful spice jars to the thrift store.  Man, when I saw them I seriously giggled inside.  And placed them so quickly into my cart it woulda made your head spin (I may have even hid them under something in my cart for fear of someone seeing them...hehehe)!The creative juices were in overdrive this day!  I knew I'd seen a cool idea for glass jars in a past issue of Somerset Life....now where was that darn issue.....I never found it but, I'm pretty certain my own version turned out just fine.
I had a field day embellishing and adding goodies to these little glass vials of happiness.  Seriously my art studio looked like a bomb went off in it.  I kept thinking, "OOOO...I could put these in the bottle, or this or that, or man this would be fabulous!!"  I was like a kid in a candy shop yesterday in my own studio!
There is a special shop in Birmingham I like to visit called White Flowers.  I can walk around the store for hours and become so inspired I want to go out and spend wayyyyy too much money on stuff to make what I saw.  One of the items I saw over my reunion weekend where these amazing glass bottles filled with treasured and sealed with yummy drippy wax.  Well wouldn't you know it, I just happen to have some encuastic wax in my garage getting old.  I was able to seal all the little treasures permanently in their glass encasements with the most yummy smelling wax ever.  And how intriguing does this waxy seal make the bottle have?  Love it.
I pulled out all the stops:  words, charms, vintage buttons, trims, paper flowers, crepe paper, vintage mercury glass beads, and more.  I was really quite sad when the jar bowl was empty.

So where can you find these waxy sealed bottles of goodness?  At The Vintage-Flea in downtown Newnan.  OOOO....and the Holiday Open House on the Square is Sunday from 12-5PM.  It's a wonderful way to spend the day south of Atlanta!  Hope to see you there!


artteachergirl said...

Those little jars are soooo sweet! Isn't it wonderful when you run across something like the jars in the thrift store? Really what is on some peoples' minds with the things they part with!!?? But glad they did and you had the chance to make these precious creations. Good work!!

linwood avenue said...

i love those jars - in fact i have about 70 of them sitting up in my attic. i have been toying with the idea of using them for my spices (boringly, how they were intended) but not until i can find some super cute labels.

Anonymous said...

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Dianne said...

Funny... I've found a few sets of these wonderful spice bottles... some with wooden tops too... and other small bottles to embellish. I've been doing the same thing with them, only I haven't figured out what I want to put inside them... I was thinking bath salts... What do you think?

Suzanne said...

I love these. I'll have to keep this in mind, because my mom has a set of them I'd like to keep my eye on.

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