Mattie's Flea Booth

I really don't know why, but for some reason I've been obsessing over my little 8x8' booth at the Flea for some time now.  On my way to Marist I swung by Heeney wholesale florist (to the tune of $350) for more Christmas merchandise.  I wanted it to be magical in my booth.  I know, many tell me just set up like you do for shows.  But for some reason I can't.  It has to be different.  More.  Different.

 There is sparkle a plenty in this little square.  Oh it made me so happy when I left on Wednesday after setting up.
There are so many special items to buy in the booth; items with my art printed on them to glass votives lovingly embellished with paper flowers and vintage finds.

Oooo...and the Santa necklaces below, you just gotta have one.  The pendant has been gently place on my favorite antique brass bee bee chain.  I think they are priced at just $12.oo too!
Of course, as mentioned in the prior post there are plenty of glass jars with gentle messages about living life to the fullest.

And lots of fun ornaments to adorn your tree.  All have been embellished with a loving touch by me.  :)

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Dianne said...

I love your booth space... It is so inspiring to me!

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