Home WIll Always Know Me

This lovely mixed media painting says, "It's good to know that home will always know me."  I've been in Birmingham for the past 4 days, my childhood home.  And although I've not lived there in about 20 years, it still feels like home.  It still feels comfortable.  It still makes my heart tickle when I drive over the mountain and see that great big bronze guy pointing towards the sky.  Birmingham still calls to me.  Everytime I leave, a small part of my soul longs not to leave.   In fact, I returned quite reluctantly this time around.  Of course my reason for being home was for personal reasons, and this made leaving even harder.  But nonetheless, a part of me wanted to turn around a stay.

Billy and I used to talk about moving there and raising the kids, getting out of the Atlanta race.  And then he got elected.....and elected and twice more elected.  So we've planted ourselves here in Newnan.  We've grown deeper roots and adjusted our lives to be fulfilled and meaningful in this community.  I can't imagine leaving here.  But on the flip side I can imagine a new life beginning there for us one day.  For now though, life has to move forward in Newnan.  I have much on the horizon both personally and work related.  It's going to be a great holiday season.  And hopefully, I'll get back home to Birmingham very soon.


nacherluver said...

A lovely painting with great sentiment behind it. Well done.

Dianne said...


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