Marist Wrap-Up

As promised, here's a sneak peak at the Marist show.  Marist is a show that has been around for years, literally like years and years.  I heard someone in the bathroom say it was their 20th time to set-up.  It's a mad house at first and then the crowd tends to trickle down.  Knowing they have only from 9-4 to shop, ladies come early and ready.  This year I roped my friend Amber into helping me.  Which I am super glad I did because there were times we were both running credit cards and checking people out in the tiny 9'x9' booth.  Yes, I said 9x9.  It is amazing what one can pack into this amount of space!!

 I was thrilled Monday when I finally added up my receipts.  So yes, I'll go back.  ;)
 See all those statement necklaces above?  There are only 5 left.  And this was just one display of them!
One of my favorite new items that I think was overlooked a bit were these wooden hearts.  I hand painted them each a favorite color, sanded and added words.  I think they'd be wonderful purse items....words of encouragement that you carry around all day.  Or your car somewhere, bedside table, kids back pack or where ever else you don't necessarily have to see the words, but know they are with you.  More on this thought later.....
 These are wooden ornaments with my favorite red bird on them and the sentiment, "Some people make the world more special just by being in it."  Great gifty idea for that special person in your life!
In my new orangey train case are bird gift tags.  Such a sweet addition to any gift.  Or you could attach it to a bottle of wine for a hostess.  The ideas are endless for these birds.

I am trying my best to get organized and get my products down to the Vintage Flea in Newnan.  I've got a great booth space there that needs some TLC.  However, anything you see that you'd like, just email me and we can get it mailed off to you asap!


Lucie Kopřivová said...

Beautiful things you have in your favorites, and I go often to visit

Isabel said...

Awesome Booth setup:O)

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