Beautiful Breeze

Today as I was running around Lake Peachtree I found myself listening carefully to the sounds which surrounded me.  I am not using my ipod these days so I can allow my mind time to rest, time to cleanse my head in a way.  As much as I'd like to meditate in it's pure form, the act of stillness has not been perfected by my body.   I find running to be a way for me to meditate. 

The sounds which surrounded my 4 miles were the rhythms of my breath, beating of my heart, my feet hitting evenly on the pavement, the singing of  birds, the rustling of the tree branches, an occasional train whistling, the wind whistling in my ears......slowly the rhythms began to orchestrate a beautiful song.  And allowed my mind the freedom it needed from the day to day life. 

I wrote this quote some time ago in my journal, and thought how appropriate to add it to this particular painting. So sweet is the imagery placed with the gentle words. If you have the time, and a bit of patience, take yourself outside and sit and listen, or better yet run and listen. A song will find its way to you as well. And hopefully it will help you to cleanse and free your mind, preparing it for what it really needs to hear and see.   What lies ahead could be amazing.


garden clippings said...

I love this art and I appreciate your words!!

~ Dawn ~ said...

This is one of my favorites you have even done... I am in love with it.

Alicia said...

Beautiful painting, beautiful words. Definately in the running for my top three favorite works of yours.

Felicia said...

Beautiful art - as always!
I'm a huge fan of the head space running gives me, i'm so glad to meet another non-Ipod user!!

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