Disney World 2014

Last week was our annual winter break.  I love that our county school system places this week off in the winter.  We may start school a week earlier than those around us, but I love the time off in the winter months to spend quality time with my family before the hustle and bustle of Spring hits.
We started going to Disney during Winter Break 3 years ago.  It's a great time to go because it's never too hot!  This year since William made the Northgate High School baseball team he and Billy weren't able to go with us.  We kinda knew this when we booked the trip but decided to book anyways with the thought that I'd take Mailey and a friend instead.  Luckily the Mom was able to go too!!  Maddie and Mailey met on the school bus this year.  Turns out she lives around the corner from us.  But since Mailey went to school with me, and not where she was districted to attend, we never knew this.  She is the sweetest child I am SO GLAD Mailey has become friends with.  As a parent you pray that your child will be drawn to children that have similar family stories.  And this one is a keeper!  Her Mom Lauren and I got to know each other pretty well over the trip too.  She's one of the most sincere and kind-spirited people I've met.  I'm pretty sure God had a plan to put her into my life as much as he put Maddie in Mailey's.
Pooh is Mailey's favorite....this photo proves that one is never too old to show this affection towards a childhood love.  He just kept hugging on her after she told him he was her favorite character. I was crying of course.  Because moments like these are priceless.  I am ever thankful that I have this child in my life to bring constant surprising joy to our family.  She really is a gift.
Mailey turned 12 while we were there.  We celebrated her special day at the Magic Kingdom.  Not a bad way to spend it right?  Riding roller coasters and of course Peter Pan.  And getting her photo made with Cinderella.

It was strangely a very easy trip without long waits or crowds.  It rained, but we never got wet because we were always on a ride or eating (lots of eating).   We were there Wednesday to Sunday....and were able to go to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot with ease.  Maybe we just planned it right and were always at the park opposite the crowds.  I'm not sure.  I just know that it was one of the best trips we've had to Disney yet!  I really wasn't ready to come home.  I am ever thankful for our "Disney Fairy" Rene who helps make these magical trips possible.
Yep...the balloon girl let me hold them.  And yep.  There is an art to holding these things!   Well.....we are back to school Monday am.  I'm ready to get back into the routine quite honestly.  I've got some fun stuff to teach.  And new adventures to get into.  These sweet memories of  5 days away with Mailey will forever be imprinted on my heart.  I look forward to our next magical trip already.

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