Play Ball!!

Today was our son William's first High School baseball game.  I don't talk much about my boy here on the blog.  He's crazy artistic, but doesn't tend to "hang" with me in the studio and at workshops like Mailey Grace.  So you see and hear about her more.  But he is my little man.  I love this boy so much it hurts!!  And today, good grief I was a nervous nelly.  Really.   Like double over freako stomach flutterby's!!  It's so hard to believe that 11 years ago he sat on a bench in the dugout crying because he didn't want anyone looking at him!  I seriously need to find that photo.  We've come a long way since then let's just say.
So here's the deal.  William is actually only in the 8th grade.  But for some insane reason 8th graders are allowed to try out for high school ball.  It's crazy what we Mommas have done to get the boys to the high school for workouts and tryouts.  Thank GOODNESS I have a sweet Momma getting William to Northgate 5 days a week from the middle school and rushing him to the high school for me!  He couldn't have tried out otherwise.
 Is that a sweet photo above or what?  I think his name is Chase.  We are still learning names and numbers.
William was the starting catcher.  Crazy cool.  He's a super star in this position.  Today we played a local rival McIntosh in a double header.  Unfortunately they outplayed us.  It was painful.  We are not used to that kinda beating.  William had his share of mistakes.  But dadghum....he's 14 years old.  This is the largest field he's ever played on.  Like ever.  Did you know that high school fields are as big as the major league fields?  So for a catcher that's kinda big deal.  Home plate to 2nd is further than he's thrown.    Heck to all the bases is further!  But he did good.

I can't wait to see what happens for number 12.  As parents we are very low-key and low-stress about his ball playing.  We tell him we are always proud of him...even in the worst of circumstances.  He has a natural talent given to him from God.  It's true.  I can hardly talk about it for fear of it being taken away.  I am forever thankful we have been given this son to raise.  And that his character, spirit and passion for the greatest game on earth resonate throughout his bones.  I am proud to call him my number 12.  Always.

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