Sometimes I think that my brain is works in a very unique special way.  Or annoying way.  Either one. Yep.  Recently I described my brain to a friend as one that is always thinking in layers.  Always in motion.  Always thinking ahead....sometimes thinking behind.  I prefer ahead and am getting better about that.
Today I was wandering around the art room trying to stay focused on the kids when I started to notice uniqueness and beauty in quite ordinary objects.
We often associate beauty with a landscape, a human or even a work of art.  There's an ideal for beauty.  A definition.  The tools we use to make the art tend to get dirty, dingy and old.  Not what one would label "beautiful".  This elementary art teacher found some beauty in the simplest of objects today.  And decided to capture them with an iphone.
Just little reminders for later that when the world seems ugly, there's always something beautiful to be seen.

Oh the beautiful layers in this room. You keep me excited about making art and teaching art.


Melissa I. said...

Beauty is all around us. We just have to open our eyes and our hearts to see it.

Diane said...

Just LOVE this post - I always find beauty in simple things - everyday life stuff as I call it - so easy to overlook and take for granted in our busy lives - love the way you captured them here.

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