This is the most recent lady painting I've completed.  I'm beginning to find a groove with this process and am ready to take it to the next level.  What?  I mean, I'm ready to take ownership of the process and start adding more "Jenni" to the composition. 
Of course the nest is a sure sign that I'm finding a groove.  Did you know one of the first paintings I completed in adulthood is of a giant nest?  It hangs in our home as a reminder of where I began this artsy journey.  I could critique Rebecca to death....but don't want to ruin the post.  I'm sure you see the akwardnesses too.  It's a part of the learning and expanding my vocabulary as a painter.  The awkward stage.  Like butterflies in the tummy 1st date kinda stuff going on here.  The fact that I'm even sharing this entire process on the blog is a vulnerable thing to do.  I mean really......little birds, campers and trucks to this does seem a bit off track.    But I am loving the change and the freedom to just paint.

I have no art shows on the horizon so a little time spent on something new is just what my creative soul needed.  I've also got some jewelry ideas floating around.  Maybe I'll explore this avenue too!

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