Sara Series

Well folks....this is becoming dreamy.  Really.  Never did I think I could do this.  In fact, I remember after Billy and I married I attempted to paint a portrait of myself in my wedding gown.  Ok...stop the cheese-ball jokes.  I loved my dress and I am a southern belle ya know.  We have "Bridal portraits" made in our fancy wedding dresses before we wed.  It's a thing.  But I really wanted a painted version.  Yeah...that didn't work out so well for me and I ended up tossing it out eventually.
Painting strangers is still the best way to practice.  I've got amazing new head shots of Mailey I might try this weekend.  Or if we get another snow day or two.  Yeah...they are predicting ice and snow coming our way.  Great.  We've already missed 6 days of school since January for weather/cold/snow/ice!
Sara is painted on an old cabinet door.  Awhile back I found at our local Habitat store these cabinet panels for $2 each.  No lie!  I loved the recess and angle of this.  Perfect for my little ladies.  I intend to work magic on the edge tonight.  I am thinking a quote about nature and motherhood?  Oh and these lips are better.  Next I'm going to attempt a blonde hair.  Baby steps.  Sara might get some texture or enhancement to her white gown.  It's all learning curve!


Kristin Dudish said...

She is beautiful - I love how she looks on the cabinet door!
(I agree - It is always a challenge to paint people you know.)


Lin said...

The nice thing about the cabinet doors is they come with their own frame. Great painting! Can't wait to see it done!

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