Icemagedeon 2014

Tuesday around lunch we got the word that school would be canceled due to an impending ice storm heading our way.  Our school system doesn't play around with its kiddos, school buses and bad weather.  Thank goodness they don't because we woke to a blanket of ice Wednesday morning.
A few blog posts ago I wrote about how Atlanta was blanketed with snow.  Snow we weren't really prepared for.   The timing of the entrance of the this great snow was the real cause of the chaos for our great southern city. Honestly, in early January there was a threat that never came.  They say if you cry wolf enough eventually people won't listen.  Well, let's just say that this go around the city listened to the cry of the wolf.  Stayed home.  Stocked up on stuff like meat, candles and firewood and waited.  Luckily this storm hit in the night while we all were asleep. 

The nature of an ice storm is different than a snow storm anywhere in the world I think.  With snow there's sledding and giddy children and hot cocoa all around.  With ice storms, especially in the land of great pine trees there's no exiting the house for fear of being speared by the great pine!  Literally our neighborhood looks like a tiny tornado hit it.  Power outages plagued our great city.   Luckily we just lost power as we were headed to bed Wednesday evening and it was back on within a few hours.  Heck...Wal-mart closed it's doors in Newnan!  What?  It was that bad.  So here's pictorial of how our great ice days went at the Horne house.  I hope you guys all stayed safe a snug wherever you were.  
 Ebay listing and napping....I make the most perfect chocolate chip cookie (my favorite food group ya know)
 Even Animal was coated in ICE~!

 Then Thursday morning we woke to a blanket of SNOW!
Lawrence who usually loves a good walk wanted nothing to do with this stuff.
We got lots of this done.  And Olympic watching.  I'm a little addicted to the Olympics this year.  I wonder if there's a way to stream it here at school?  hmmmm...  
By the afternoon the sun was shining and the snow/ice was melting!  It was like a crazy waterfall from the heavy ice melting from the trees.
I took a 2.5 mile walk to check out the neighborhood and found this.  The snow melting away in a perfect heart shape.  Love that.
And finally....after 2 days of Olympic watching and cookie making and other baking I got into my studio and started her:
I've yet to name her.  It'll come to me.  Once she's all complete.  Well...it's Valentine's Day.  In all complete honesty as a teacher I really hate this day.  Worse than the day after Halloween.  So I am breathing deep and preparing for the storm of sugar high children coming my way.  Wish me luck....I'lls ee you guys back next week!

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