Inspired by Botticeli

While attending Auburn University I had the opportunity to take lots of art history classes.  I couldn't get enough honestly.  In fact, I bet there are enough art history classes on my transcript that I could've been a dual major in printmaking and art history.  9 classes at least under the belt....all of which I made high A's in (toot...toot).  Sitting in the dark theater with images of our rich cultural history projecting screen after screen is what motivated me to continue down the path of being an artist. 

And this artist was one of my very favorites:
 Oh Botticelli.  Your dreamy skin tones and eloquent hands...you had me at first slide.
This week in Studying Under the Masters our artist inspiration is Botticelli.  Yummy.  I know, I'm weird.  His work has truly inspired me to seek the artist deep inside me I know I can be.  I've used the whimsical crutch.  I have.  Deep down I've always wanted to paint figures, not necessarily realistic ones.  But rather images that reflect the joy I receive from knowing people. 

Here's my progress with yesterday's painting:

If you read my post from earlier in the week then you saw my first attempt at a figure Saturday night.  Since then, I've watched another artist's technique which made a light bulb turn on.  I can't wait to try another tomorrow!  This is so exciting for me.  I truly was feeling a tad lost and quite honestly bored with my current work.  This.....this is bringing back the joy to my paintbrush.  In fact....I painted this one during school sitting at different tables with the kids.  They were all like, "OH MY GOSH Mrs. Horne.  Where did you learn to do that?"  My response...."Can you believe this is all new to me?  And that by practicing I'm getting better and better?"  What an amazing lesson to teach these kids.

Since I wasn't sure how any of this was going to turn out the ones I done here at school were literally painted on this surface:
Yep.  This is good old fashioned cardboard.  It came out of the IKEA boxes that held Mailey's new bed.  I knew it'd come in handy one day for something special.  I've got to work on lips.  They started great with the drawing...but slowly got pursed a bit too tight.  She looks persnickety.  I love that I've taken lots of photos of the process.  I can totally see where the lips lost their luster.  Next time I'll attempt a smile!!

So...are you trying anything new lately with your paint brush?  I hope so.  It's a lovely feeling.

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