The Path

It seems like yesterday that big decisions were made in my life.  Where to go to college, who to marry, when to have kids, when to move, etc. Yes.  Time is traveling at a pace faster than I ever imagined when I was my children's age.  Back then it seemed an eternity before Christmas rolled back around.  I often wonder if my parents had the same struggles with money, with friendships, with balancing, working, parenting, life.  I've never asked them these questions.  I might not want the answer.

Right now we as a family are shifting again.  Our son enters high school next year.  He's already made the high school baseball team as an 8th grader.  I know, what?  But it happens here.  We are embracing this life with more confidence than other stages in our life for some reason.  Perhaps we are finally doing a better job of balancing work and home. Letting go of my desire to be a money making artist and shifting to full-time teaching has removed an unbelievable amount of stress. The kids being more independent has also altered our lifestyle.  It's a delicate combination of it all. Honestly.  I love our little life right now.  And although I have my days where after being in the van 4.5 hours in one afternoon getting everyone where they need to be I think "what the hell?".... I find myself  quickly calming down and refocusing.  The old me woulda had a hissy fit and yelled at everyone.  This me just said, "I'm getting in the hot tub.  Who's joining me?"  Really, in the end it's the Momma I want to be and need to be for them. 

This is my path.  My one chance to be the most amazing Mother, Wife and Friend.  I find joy in this path. And although I may trip every once-in-awhile, find that it's an amazing path laid perfectly just for me to navigate.

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