Grover...I mean Grovette

So this little guy was seriously one disaster after another.  From cracking clay to melting in half in the oven, he was doomed.  So I made Grover....a girl.  I just couldn't stand the suffering anymore.  hahaha....That and I was trying to cover up his decapitated neck scar.  The only thing laying around my studio to cover this scar was ribbon. Oh, and right before he got the bow, he fell face forward and the nose fell off.  I might have said a potty word at that point.
Grovette is the perfect example of why it's so important to have practiced the projects before camp time.  This year camps are only 10-3.  No over night's for drying.  Kinda stressful.  I've already altered the houses to be wood sculptures.  Our long-legged animals are going to be more wood now too.  It was still fun to craft these up.  And I learned a lot about sculpture and what to and not to do with my Tweens and Little Masters this summer!  Who's joining me?

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