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Ok so good news.  My yucky head cold is dissipating.   In fact, I made it through this entire day without one Kleenex or sneeze!!  And just one cup of throat comfort (which guys is the nastiest tasting hot beverage ever.  And I like just about anything.)  With this clearing I've also had a little of the fog lifted from my creative side and have been in total recon mode.  You might have witnessed me acting like a jumping jelly bean today.  Scheming and planning summer classes for both adults and kiddos.  Daydreaming about an online course.  Emailing folks about an online course.  Yeah.  I needed the swift in the back side honestly.  The pity party had to end.

This week I had to put my big girl panties on and make a big decision.  As you know, I've been teaching at Art and Soul for several years now in several locations.  I LOVE it.  The traveling, meeting new friends, connecting with teacher friends...all of it rolled up into one tootsie roll package.  It's creative awesomeness.  But unfortunately I had to cancel my 2 classes coming up in Portland.  Why?  Well.....because not enough had signed up.  Gasp.  I know.  I am SO embarrassed I can hardly speak about it.  In fact 2 nights ago I laid in bed and told my husband, "Can we talk?"  And then proceeded to lay it all out about how maybe I'm doing the wrong thing with my life.  How my gallery checks have plummeted.  My classes in Portland had to be canceled.  I can't seem to find focus.  I can't find energy to even be in my studio.  I have nothing to paint anymore. He just listened.  And let me have my pity party.

Then today it happened.  I received an email.  From someone asking to meet me.  To have coffee and discuss teaching.  She said,
"I love how you clearly have such excitement for your work, and that your zest for life is evident in everything you do, both in your personal work as well as the work you do with your students. Your site demonstrated to me qualities in teaching and just in my love for art that I want to strive to emulate."

Good grief Jenni.  Of course there were a few tears because I'm crazy teary lately. And then it hit me.  I am very good at what I do.  Teaching, inspiring and encouraging others.  Thus why after her email I got on the stick and started thinking about the future.  Maybe teaching in Portland wasn't the right place for me right now.  But somewhere else might be perfect!  

So, I've drafted Tiffin to help me make some media stuff for summer workshops.  LOTS of summer workshops.  AND.....tomorrow I start the research for how to create an online course.  I get emails weekly asking for it.  Duh Jenni.  It's time.   

So Christine thank you.  For the lovely email.  And yes....coffee sounds great! 


Christine said...

i am sorry to hear you won't be in Portland, Jenni , but I totally understand!! Becky and I WANTED to come but couldn't commit right now. She is galavanting across Italy as I write this and my hubby want to travel down to Oregon coast in early April to meet up with some snowbird friends, tho I would rather come paint with you.

You are a wonderful, inspiring teacher so I hope you keep on teaching !!!
Hugs, Chris

Gina McKinnis said...

OH! I needed this post! You are lovely and amazing and I would JUMP at the chance to take an online course by you! Happy Friday!!

peggymcd said...

I love looking at your work and would love to take a class from you. I love online classes, hope you offer one. Your work is soulful and holds emotion for the viewer.

505whimsygirl said...

I think an on-line course is perfect! I've looked at the Art and Soul Retreats and they are too pricey for my blood. As much as I'd love to go to one I don't think it will ever happen.

I'm so thankful that you received that email, just when you needed it!!

Now, let's hear more about an on-line class!!


Kerimae said...

I was SO bummed to miss your class in Portland; it was one I was really excited about and I've been saving my (many!) pennies to go.

So, yes!! Please do an online class. I can drive to Portland but not to where you are :)

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