A Painting for Helen

Back before I really knew what I was doing as an artist.  When I just painted for fun, wasn't trying to make a living at it that is....I made lots of paintings for new babies.  I think all my best girlfriends kids have a piece of art I've made with their names.  If I've left one yours out (Aimee did I ever do Emmie?) Let me know and I'll whip one up!  Some were in colored pencil, some paint.  I wish I had photos of some of them.  Anyhoo, Suzan is one of my BFF's from grade school.  Her little brother just had baby #2.    Evidently I painted one for baby #1.  So she asked me to paint one for baby Helen.  They have the most adorable bedding from Pottery Barn.  It's called Animal Alphabet.  You can see it here.  So stinkin' cute!  This is not the best photo since it was on my kitchen floor this am, but you get the idea.  I think baby Helen will love it.  And it'll be a very sweet keepsake for her.  

PS....if you'd like a personalized painting I sure would be happy to paint one for you! Just shoot me an email ok?  jennihorne@ymail.com

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