My #12

Do you ever have a hankering to just make something?  Yeah.  Well that's been me lately.  And yet I can't seem to find focus enough to paint.  Mojo and paint are not in sync right now.  So I've been piddling with other ideas.  The first idea was to clean the studio.  The cycle of making art, make messy art, make piles in art studio of crap from other parts of the house because I don't know where else to stash them, avoid studio because of said crap, avoid studio some more, OK...I'll clean it up now has become the routine.  It's a routine.  No judging alright?

My boy William plays baseball.  And he's always #12.  Not sure when that happened.  But it did.  In fact he told me for Northgate jerseys they ran prior to picking numbers.  And numbers were picked based on the order they finished the running.  Let's just say he ran extra fast that day.  For #12.
I'm sure you've seen the jewelry and flip flops on Pinterest made outta baseball skins.  I'd not really seen any lately, but it was in the back of my head from somewhere along my life path.  Last night around 9PM I texted my husband, "Where's the bucket of baseballs?"  Mind you I was already in bed, but quite bored.  When they got home I was skillfully removing the leather from the ball core in my fancy PJ's and slippers.  Which people, is not easy(especially in slippers and PJ's)!  Now if I'd had the right leather removing material it would have helped.  William was freaked that surely I was going to slice my hand open using the tools and technique I was using. I now know what the inside of a baseball looks like.  It's kinda grody.

Anyhoo....having all the hole punching and metal stamping tools is fun to have laying around.  Because then you can make cool arm candy like above.  Oh, and many have asked if I'll be making these to sell.  The answer is, "Nope."  Unless you skin your own leather that is.  hahahaha...

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