Orange Water: aka the Kool-Aid

I've been have some seriously nutty dreams lately.  I actually bought a dream book awhile back because I tend to dream so vividly.  I need to keep a journal of them.  I'd love to see the patterns of my dreams and how they apply to my real life.  2 nights ago was creeeeeeeepy.  Kinda embarrassed at what it turned out to mean.  If you are so inclined, look up worms in dreams.  Yeah.  I've got some issues obviously.  HA!

Last night was all about the Peachtree Road Race.  It was crazy because there kept being obstacles to my starting the race.  From trying to find a bathroom to what I was wearing, I couldn't seem to get to the start line.  Oh, and the best part was I showed up in JEANS!  It was hilarious because I said to myself what are you thinking Jenni?  It's hotter than hell and you show up to run the largest 10K in jeans?
So what is the point to this post?  And why the orange water?  Well, it was the closet photo I had to kool-aid.  Have you ever heard the expression, "don't drink the kool-aid"?  Basically it means don't be a follower, especially a follower down a negative path.  With the key being knowingly headed down the path.  Lately my dreams have intensified. I think what the universe is trying to tell me through LOTS of visual images and symbols is to trust my own instincts and be true to my own path. 

I've been really down on my art lately.  Avoiding it at all costs.  Kinda grossed out by it honestly.  Tired of trying to keep up with everyone and what they are doing.  The other day I sent Tiffin a photo and said, "What the hell does this say"?  It's this very popular, well selling print by someone that honestly I DO NOT get.  I mean how in the world does some art get so much attention so quickly, while others not?  It's a vicious cycle.  In my media stalking I find that the most popular people are ones that aren't necessarily making anything new and inventive either.  It's just their being in the right place at the right time.  Now don't get me wrong, most of the people I follow are So kind, SO sweet and SO hard working.  And I admire them for their tenacity and passion for their craft.  But it still can get under my skin that something I made 4 years ago and sold now I can't touch with a 10 foot pole because if I do will be labeled a copy cat.  Urgh. I've seen it happen on instagram.  Someone making adorable items only to be lamblasted by another. It's horrible how mean people can be.  Guys, hate to break it to ya, but most likely whatever you are making....it's already been done.  Yeah.  The universe is like that.  But if you don't "drink the kool-aid" and stay true to your own path, things will happen.  Today my devotional even pointed to this very fact.  Trusting in His love for me and my gifts is how I will get past this funk and off the "kool-aid".

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