Rested and Renewed

This weekend we had amazing weather in Georgia.  And I soaked every bit of it I could before coming to school this morning.  Friday night we attended Artwalk in downtown Newnan, Saturday we watching William play ball, I ran 3 miles, worked in the yard countless hours (every muscle in my body aches right now because of that), and of course quiet time on the porch under quilts.  I love this time of year.  It makes me feel most alive and spirited.  We also spent a crazy amount of time together as a family.  Artwalk, shopping, movie, dinners, church, grocery shopping and baseball....we spent almost every waking moment together as a family.  I know you are thinking, "so?"  When you have teenagers you tend to juggle their "schedules" and "social time".  Somehow though, we managed to squeeze more than normal time in together.  I think that's why today I feel so relaxed and full filled.  There wasn't as much running around and entertaining.  It's not lost on Billy and I that in 4 years our son will be off on his own.  And perhaps that is why we are more focused on time together. All I know is this morning I woke with a very renewed spirit ready to tackle this week with a smile.  Welcome kiddos...we are traveling to Japan!

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