How to Grow Love

This is an oldie...but a goodie for sure.  We had one of those crazy busy weekends where by the time last night rolled around I realized that the only thing I'd wanted to do all weekend I didn't get to.  Which was spend some quiet time in the studio.  I'm not going to make this a whiney post but I do think my husband and I need to make some real tough love choices with our children like NOW.  I'm kinda angry with them right now and their selfishness and Billy and I for allowing it.  Tonight we are having a family dinner meeting.  Where phone limits are going to be set.  Chores are going to be implemented.  They are going to fuss.  There will be eye rolling by Mailey.   I'm going to want to yell at everyone.  Because I'm tired lately.  So wish me luck.  They are such good kids.  But as parents, Billy and I have allowed a little too much freedom which in turn is not making them good family citizens.  Having a strong family unit is so important to both Billy and I.  Before this little life gets any crazier I want to get us working together better.  So here goes....let's see if we can grow love a little taller.


donna!ee said...

AMEN sister! you'll be so glad you all practiced living & loving as a functional family unit. blest be ;D

Christine said...

oh, the family meeting....I remember those days !!! Go get 'em.....it will be worth it later!
Hugs, chris

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