Paint Something ART CAMPS!!

So I've been a busy bee making samples for PSW art camps!!  Woohoooo...I love camp.  Really.  It's my favorite thing to plan for.  Seriously...I scheme and plan for months what spectacular projects I'm going to share each summer.  And this summer as an extra treat all camps are being held in my personal studio space.  I told some kiddos that this week and their eyeballs about popped outta their heads.  I know.  It is a pretty cool space to play in.
So letting the cat outta the bag a little before my promotional pieces are ready, there will be 2 themes this summer:  long legged animals and whimsical houses.  I'm working on 3D ideas that can be done in one day.  Kind of a difficult task since real clay is out and air dry clay is beginning to prove out as well.  We'll see.  I gotta work on heating it again in the oven without melting anybody.  eh-hem..Gomez.

For now here is Gomez and the Radiant Orchid House.  I totally bought the Pantone color of the year at Lowe's.  It is a spectacular color.  And I don't even like purple.

I'll be sure to share again once they are finished.  Lots to add.  Have I mentioned I love my job lately?

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