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So I want to take the time to share a new painting with you! And it's of some of my favorite subjects to paint, birdies and nests. I really like painting with the waxes. I do. And like I said in an earlier post the waxes were staring me down in a jar on the art desk (like $100's worth of staring). But although I love the textures, the smell and the end results of encaustics, I really miss my little mixed media paintings. I am ready to dig out the paper, glue and acrylics. The 3 paintings I finished up though I am really proud of. And intend to list them in Etsy by Monday. So check back to see when. They are all 8x10" framed in salvage wood.
Such a sweet little tweet. She's nurturing her little babies in the nest. The word Nurture was painted using a masking technique.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Taking it easy and getting my ducks in a row for some new traveling paintings. I see VW campers and vintage trucks on the desk soon!


Pamela Holderman said...

sorry you are sick - me too. I love your encaustics - the texture is just so yummy. And I especially like the words behind. Your son is awesome - Just blogged about my son's birthday too - love those boys!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Jenni, it's gorgeous...I love the texture!
Hope you feel better...End of Jan is always a bad time for us too.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous texture...wax on wax off!
I absolutely love the freeness in your paintings...they inspire me to loosen up.
have a great weekend..

linda said...

Beautiful pieces indeed! I love the texture and mix of colors...but excited to see your mixed media as well... it's nice to have all the various mediums to play around with!

PiecesofD said...

Love it! And for your travelling paintings... what about Airstream trailers?? I love them and their shape lends themselves to art! Feel better soon... me too :(

Urban Eden said...

I Love Love Love this painting (Nurture)!

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