Marist Holiday Traditions

Well, tonight I am shrinking my last pair of earrings, adding black chain to the last statement necklace, and of course whipping up some new price labels.  Tomorrow is set-up day for MARIST!  Wahooey!  Seriously I am very excited.  It's like getting ready for Prom.  So Marist shoppers I am ready for you (minus the dress of course)!  Here are a few new items for this show season:

And like the price label states, yes you will be stopped and asked where you got this fun bauble for your neck.  I've got 20 made....20 different designs as well.  I just could not decide which art I liked better!  It's like wearing a little painting on your neck. 
I needed something for the man in your life, or boss, or other folk you just never can figure out what to get.  And it's that magic price.  Yep.
And my personal new favorite, earrings.  And if I told you what they were made out of, you'd laugh.  Well alright..... twist my arm.  They are shrinky dinks.  See I told you.....go ahead and laugh.  And then punch yourself for not thinking of it.

So here's the nitty on where to go and buy these items this weekend on this website:  The Marist School Holiday Traditions.  Over 250 vendors for your shopping fun.  I do hope to see you there.  I am in the Kurht Gym.  I'll be the one with the giant grin (because I love my artsy life) and maybe a modified prom up-do (it gets fairly hot in the gym).  :)  Jenni
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