Another Class at Art and Soul!

Ok.  I am so behind with the Art and Soul postings!!  Here's another class we took together at Art and Soul.  Crazy fun day I tell ya!  These two teachers are the sweetest couple/teachers ever!  This is Mailey with her finished product and our fun teachers Ty and Marsha Shultz.  They used to be movie special effects makers....and decided to leave that rat race to join the artsy side.  And boy are we glad they did.  They offer a wonderful, diverse group of classes at all the Art and Soul Retreats.

This was a sculpture class.  We were super excited because it was something we'd never worked with, and was pretty sure we'd both be able to take home a finished piece.  And maybe even translate it into something I could teach at camp this summer. 

Our structure was made with wire, foil and tape.  Lots of tape.  The trick was getting our birdies to stand!  The class was a critter class, but we wanted to make birds of course.  Oh and our new peep Sandy was with us.  She made an amazing pink dragon!  She's uber talented.  :)
 Here we are starting the day off with wire and foil.  This was not easy or really that fun.  But Mailey kept me positive and determined!
Then the entire piece was covered in tape.  Hockey tape actually.  Love that stuff now that I know about it!  (We don't play much ice hockey in these parts of the world.)  My bird has ballet shoes on.
I had to cheat and make my bird have a long tail so she'd stand.  Mailey's is more ambitious and has a fluffy sassy tail.  And stands on 2 feet!
After lunch we used the crazy gooey product called paverpal to basically paper mache fabric onto the structure.  This was the fun part.  When the day was over though, the sculptures were all still wet and white.  It's not until they dry that the color of the fabrics are revealed.  I used Amy Butler, of course.  She's not done though, she still needs her tutu and crown.  Mailey made a purse and hat we need to attach too.  I'll post fun pics of them once we get them finished.  Maybe this weekend??

Mailey loves this bird....below it's not quite dry but you can see the fabric colors coming through.  The end result is an amazing hard sculpture...not anything like mache.  It's awesome!
 I also just have to give a shout out to our new artsy BFF's below Sandy(left) and Michelle(center).  They both took my art class and afterwards swooped Mailey and I into their little fold.  Mailey asks me everyday, "Hey, did my friends text me?  FB me yet?"  Yeah, Mailey's is smitten with you two chicks!!  Me too....you gals were super enthusiastic about art, life and my Mailey.  I can not publically or personally thank you gals enough for embracing us.  I can not wait to meet up again next year!
We did take one more class...maybe next week I'll get it into the rotation!  Have a great afternoon!


Artsy Matilda said...

Your Mailey is stunning! And talented. Just like her momma. I can see you two in a mother/daughter business one of these days. Those sculptors are so fun! Thanks for sharing. xo

Anonymous said...

yer nice!!

Anonymous said...

I am so pleased to be the "Michelle" that had the honor of becoming friends with Mailey and Jenni at Art & Soul this year...lets just face it...Jenni and Mailey are THE definition of Art AND Soul...first of all Mailey and I are the same age...ahhhhhh she may be more mature than me actually and Jenni taught me a new way to express my art which is a gift of epic proportions...opening my arms to these two was the easiest thing I did all weekend long...I will be stalking them the rest of their lives...they don't know it but they are in my heart now...xoxo

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