Yard Art

Every once-in-awhile I get an idea up my sleeve that literally take years to come full circle.  And these super fun butterflies are such an example.  Yep.  It was probably 2 years ago that I found the wire yard stakes at IKEA for a mere $1.99 for 2.  I snatched them up in bulk of course.  This habit is why at the old house we had 2 attic storage areas, three storage units and a 2-car garage full of  I gotta have it because one day I might need it and since I am buying it I may as well buy it in bulk junk right now.  Whew!

So onto the making.  While in a favorite antique mall in Opelika, Alabama (yes, the famous Angel's) I found the wooden spools and immediately thought, "butterfly bodies!!!!!!".  Of course I bought them in bulk.  And of all things, I bought just the right amount (that would be 24).  I had a pile of beautiful vintage buttons that became the over sized goofy eyes.  They are wired together with some icky black wire I bought (in bulk) at Lowe's.  It's way too greasy dingy for jewelry making.  Although when I bought it I thought woohoo me....cheap wire in BULK.  I know.  There may be an issue I need to work through.  But the wire is perfect for outside yard stakes!  The antennas are another wire I purchased....

Some got painted bodies and others I left plain.  Overall I just can not help but smile ginormous at their cuteness!!!

Where are these cute yard stakes headed?  On over to Alabama....to the Naked Art Gallery Yard Art show.  Every year Vero asks me to participate and I always struggle with an idea.  I don't know why.   Do you have mental blocks when it comes to certain creative adventures?  Well, yard art is one of my blocks.  But not this year!  Not to mention very excited about finally using the metal wings and spindles!!

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Isabel said...

Im LOVING these!!!!! They are awesome:O)

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