Puffy Heart

So many things to puffy heart about the image above.
1.   The round canvas I found is going to be a new favorite for many nesty paintings. 
2.   I love that I decided to keep my encaustic paints.  When we were moving I considered packing them up and giving them away, but something nudged inside me heart and said come back to this medium.  Oh so, so glad I did. 
3.  Lastly and most importantly, I'm so glad I gave into the studio last night.  Friday nights are usually spent chilling on the couch with a beer and asleep by 9:00PM (after getting Mailey to Girl Scouts and back and William to baseball practice and back that is).  I am pooped Fridays.  But for some reason when I got home from Decatur dropping off paintings at the new gallery, Wild Oats and Billy Goats, I decided to hop downstairs and unpack the suitcases from the trip before taking William to practice.  And then I got excited about a new etching technique from the jewelry class so I tried  that (which worked!).  And then I opened the boxes of new canvases for upcoming shows and found the round canvas and  thought to myself, hey let's try encaustic on this and the next thing you know it was 11PM.  Wow.  I finished 3 and started more....it was like a frenzy in the studio I tell ya!  It has been three weeks since I last painted.  And that folks, that is 3 too long.  No wonder I was beginning to feel trapped and grumpy!

So today we are off to a baseball tournament, but I have my sketchbook in hand to work on some jewelry ideas and painting compositions.  In about 4 weeks I have another outdoor show.  It's going to be tough to get enough work to fill the tent.  But this time I am thinking quantity may not be as important as the quality.  Sound good to you?


Artsy Matilda said...

Love the round canvas for the nesty work! Oh boy! Can't wait to see all the new ideas that come out of your heart ...

nacherluver said...

Okay, so I was already madly in love with your art. Now you have created in my medium of choice and I am over the moon in love with it!!!

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